Double Closing On a Deal?

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Answering the Tip 5 Google Searches About Transactional Funding

Since the real estate bubble burst and lenders tightened their policies, investors and wholesalers dealing with motivated sellers of distressed properties have turned to transactional funding for closing deals. This type of funding is useful when the aim is to swiftly resell the property to the end buyer right after purchase. If you’re exploring transactional funding in … Continued
Double Closings and Transactional Funding in Real Estate

Double Closings and Transactional Funding: Know Their Mechanics

Have you ever wondered about double closings or transactional funding but got tangled up in the how, why, and when? You’re not alone! Investors often find themselves scratching their heads, especially wholesalers. This blog dives deep into everything you need to know to understand the basics of transactional funding. Plus, we’ll walk through examples and explore the … Continued
Real Estate Double Closings FAQ

Real Estate Double Closings: Your Top FAQs Answered

The world of double closing can be a bit tricky, and it’s natural to have some questions. Here in our FAQ section, we’re all about untangling the complexity. Get straightforward answers to the most common queries, making the double-closing process much simpler. 1. Is It Common for Title Companies to Handle Double Closings?  Some title … Continued
Doubling Down for Success

Doubling Down for Success: When to Choose a Double Close Deal in Wholesaling

Jumping into real estate investing means researching different strategies and tricks to make your deals profitable. One technique, wholesale real estate double closing, is worth checking out. It’s all about pulling off fast deals with less risk. But before you decide to double close, there are factors to consider. What Is Double Closing? It’s a savvy … Continued
Costs Involved In Double Closing

The Costs Involved In Real Estate Double Closing

Double closing, otherwise known as simultaneous closing or back-to-back closing, has become popular recently in the real estate industry. Using this approach, a real estate professional can make a good amount of money in a short period of time, but they must have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with the process. In this … Continued
Risks Of Double Closing

Understanding The Risks Of Double Closing In Real Estate Wholesaling

Real estate wholesalers use a variety of strategies to secure profitable deals, and one strategy is double closing. This method involves two separate transactions: a purchase from a seller and a subsequent sale to an end buyer. Now, double closing can be quite rewarding, but there are some notable risks that real estate professionals should … Continued
Transactional Lending In Real Estate

What Is Transactional Lending In Real Estate?

When the clock is ticking, and you need cash to seal a deal sooner rather than later, transactional lenders will be there for you with exactly what you need. This is especially true when you want to do a real estate deal without dipping into your own pockets. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of … Continued

5 Real Estate Investor Software to Supercharge Your Business Growth

The property landscape is like a rollercoaster, right? One moment you’re up; the next, you’re down. But fear not because we are all the difference in this whirlwind ride. Having the ultimate market-savvy sidekick– that’s the superhero cape every investor needs. The challenge? Picking the right ones from the tech treasure chest. As a trusted … Continued