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Choosing The Perfect Transactional Lender: A Wholesaler’s Guide

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Transactional funding can be a lifeline for real estate wholesalers who want to close deals quickly and smoothly. But choosing the right transactional lender is crucial for any wholesaler who wants to do double-close deals.

And since there are numerous lenders to choose from, you need to consider several key factors before deciding on who to get funding from. Here’s what you have to look for to find the best transactional funding.

Reputation And Track Record

Before you reach out to a transactional lender, you should conduct thorough research to assess their reputation and track record. Choose a lender that’s known for being reliable, transparent, and professional.

Online reviews, testimonials from other wholesalers, and referrals from trusted sources can provide the insights you need to determine a lender’s reliability.

Experience In Real Estate Transactions

Not all lenders specialize in providing transactional funding for real estate professionals. Therefore, choose a lender that has extensive experience in financing wholesale real estate double-close deals.

A transactional lender that’s familiar with the nuances of real estate wholesaling will know the unique requirements and challenges that are associated with these transactions, so they can ensure a smoother and more efficient process.

Loan Terms And Conditions

Carefully scrutinize the lender’s loan terms to ensure they align with your needs and objectives. Pay close attention to the loan’s duration, interest rates, origination fees, and other associated costs or requirements. Compare the terms of different lenders to identify the most favorable option for your situation.


When evaluating lenders, look for ones that can provide quick, reliable funding. They’re the ones that’ll be able to work with your timeline. Ask how long it generally takes them to approve and disburse funds. Lastly, ask if they can handle urgent transactions.

Customer Service And Support

Choose a transactional lender that prioritizes responsiveness, accessibility, and clear communication throughout the lending process. Look for indicators of excellent customer service, such as dedicated support staff, responsive communication channels, and a commitment to address any concerns or questions promptly.

Choose A Transactional Lender With Integrity

Seek out lenders who are transparent about their lending practices, fees, and stipulations. Also, be on the lookout for lenders who adhere to ethical standards and regulatory compliance. Avoid lenders who engage in deceptive or predatory practices that could jeopardize your business.


Get referrals from trusted sources in the industry, including wholesalers, real estate agents, and industry associations.

Financial Stability

Assess the finances, insofar as you can, of a transactional lender before entering into any agreements. A financially secure lender with ample resources is more likely to honor their commitments and withstand market fluctuations. Additionally, lenders with strong financials may offer better terms.

Selecting the right transactional lender is critical. If you get hooked up with the wrong lender, your real estate wholesaling business may suffer dearly. If you partner with a reliable transactional lender, like, you can ensure you always have access to the funding you need to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

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