Double Closing On a Deal?

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How Market Conditions Impact Real Estate Wholesaling & Double Closing

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Double closing is a key aspect of real estate wholesaling. Essentially, double closing involves two back-to-back transactions. First, you buy a property. Next, you quickly sell it to an end buyer for a profit. For this to work, you can’t tell the end buyer what you paid for the property.

This method is a good option when contract assignment isn’t possible. However, market conditions can play a big role in determining how effective this strategy is.

In this guide, we’ll explain how certain market conditions can impact double closing. You’ll get all the essential insights and practical tips you’d need to develop a successful double-close strategy.

Understanding Market Conditions

Characteristics Of A Buyer’s Market

In a buyer’s market, plenty of properties are available. Also, there’s less competition among buyers, so it’s generally a great time to execute double closings.

Benefits Of Double Closing In A Buyer’s Market

  • Lower Purchase Prices: Investors can buy properties at lower prices, meaning they can profit more when reselling.
  • Increased Negotiation Power: Wide availability of properties means investors can negotiate better terms with sellers.

Challenges And Risks

  • Longer Sales Cycle: It may take longer to find a buyer because there’s less demand.
  • Property Devaluation: Property values might fall, and continue to fall, meaning profit will be harder to secure.

Strategies For Double Closing In A Buyer’s Market

  • Use Effective Negotiation Techniques: Point out the abundance of properties when negotiating for favorable terms.
  • Finding Motivated Sellers: Focus on sellers who are eager to make a deal.
  • Importance Of Due Diligence: Thoroughly research properties to avoid pitfalls.

Characteristics Of A Seller’s Market

A seller’s market is characterized by high demand and limited supply. This means it’s a competitive environment where property prices are generally high.

Benefits Of Double Closing In A Seller’s Market

  • Quick Sales: Properties sell quickly, so investors don’t have to hold properties for a long time.
  • Higher Selling Prices: Investors can demand higher prices because there’s strong buyer interest.

Challenges And Risks

  • Higher Purchase Prices: Initial buying costs are higher, meaning profits may be lower.
  • Competitive Bidding: Increased competition can lead to bidding wars that complicate the buying process.

Strategies For Double Closing In A Seller’s Market

  • Leverage High Demand: Take advantage of high demand to secure quick sales.
  • Use Quick-Turnaround Tactics: Speed up the selling process to benefit from market momentum.
  • Manage Multiple Offers At Once: Efficiently handle multiple offers at once to secure the best deals swiftly.


In short, grasping how market conditions affect double closing is crucial if you’re doing real estate wholesaling. If you’re aware of ever-changing economic factors, legal considerations, and trends, you can adjust your double-closing strategy to boost profits and reduce risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can double closing be done with any type of property?

It’s possible to double close with any kind of property, but most double closings involve residential properties because they’re easier to sell for a profit.

2. What is the average time frame for a double closing?

When it comes to double closing, there’s no set time frame. Some deals are closed in a few hours while others take days to close. The speed at which a deal is closed is determined by numerous factors.

3. In which states is double closing more common?

Double closing is more common in some states than others. For example, double closing is common in California, Texas, and Florida, mainly because there are less real estate regulations in these states.

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